• Emma Thompson

    Posted on 22 August, 2013

    Customer Care

    I would just like to thank you for the fantastic service I ALWAYS receive whenever I contact you. I am attaching a list.

    • for the cheerful, professional service (and patience!)
    • the fact that EVERYTIME I have any dealings with Donnellys it is always cheerful, professional service from every single person
    • the promptness of your replies to any questions or requests I have
    • the quality of the products
    • the non-automated service…i.e. I actually get to speak to a person
    • the fact that when someone at your company says they will do something they actually will!…this I find exceptionally unusual!
    • an extra special thank you to the lovely J, who is my normal Donnellys contact. Quite frankly I wish I could clone her and distribute her to work at all the businesses I have to deal with as it would make my life immeasurably easier!!

    You may find it strange that I found it necessary to write a thank you letter, however I find that I (and I am pretty easy going!) am continually disappointed and am becoming more and more disillusioned by the quality of customer care out there and to find a company who obviously takes such pride in being exceptional makes me feel that maybe all might not be lost.

    Ever since my partner (who has used Donnellys for years, and my partner is a hard man to please!) recommended you, I have been more than happy….so….THANK YOU!

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