Renters Protection Package

Donnellys can offer you a special combined policy package:

Your Rented Home Contents either at the location or worldwide temporarily;

Rent cover so you can keep a roof over your head when you are unable to work due to an Accident or Sickness. – plus you can add cover for your other regular living expenses to protect your family’s lifestyle;

And you are covered up to $20M for Public Liability in case you are negligent in causing injury or damage to others’ property, e.g. you start a fire.

Gold Star Renters Home Contents Policy Summary:

  • FLOOD cover available in most locations
  • Covers any accidental misfortune not specifically excluded so it provides a broad safety net cover and is not limited to a list of specified events cover like most policies
  • Worldwide automatic cover for personal items such as jewellery up to $10,000 any one item, camera, sporting equipment and other contents while away from home. Most policies limit coverage to the residence for these items unless additional cover is requested
  • Replacement cost as new coverage – even though your property or contents may be many years old.
  • Unspecified jewellery cover at home up to $10,000 per item – usual limit is $1,000
  • Legal liability for bodily injury or property damage anywhere in the world up to $20M – often limited to Australia and NZ and $10M coverage
  • Credit card fraud coverage if it is lost or stolen up to $5,000 – usual limit is $1,000
  • Accidental loss or theft of money up to $2,000 at and away from home – usual limit is $500
  • Veterinary expenses for pet injured in a road accident up to $1,000 – often not covered
  • ATO Tax audit  of your financial affairs up to $5,000 expenses – not usually covered
  • Legal defence costs incurred by or against you up to $5,000 – not usually covered
  • Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown of Home Appliances … usually Fusion cover only
  • Personal Liability coverage up to $20M worldwide

Donnellys recommended Lifestyle Protection Insurance product provides a sick leave bank of up to 3 years in the event of a serious injury or for sickness so you can pay your Rent and other vital living expenses.

Key Policy Features:

  • Premiums are fully tax deductible & claims are assessable income
  • Insure 85% or part of your salary up to $1,500 per week
  • Flexible maximum benefit period
  • Available for part-time / casual staff
  • Easy to apply – no medical necessary
  • Excludes pre-existing medical conditions
  • Cover limited to Age 65 unless otherwise agreed
  • Monthly premium payments available

Consider how you would cope with your family’s living expenses if your regular income suddenly stopped for an extended period or you faced a huge liability suit without Donnellys Renters Protector. 


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