Home Insurance Adelaide

IBNA’s Gold Star Home policy is the best value product of its type available in the insurance market in our opinion.

Home & Contents, Valuables Insurance

Donnellys negotiate special premium discounts with the leading insurers that support the Gold Star policy which means you receive a quality product at a very competitve cost, i.e. excellent value!

IBNA Gold Star Home Policy Features Summary:

  • FLOOD cover available in most locations
  • Covers any accidental misfortune not specifically excluded so it provides a broad safety net cover and is not limited to a list of specified events cover like most policies
  • Worldwide automatic cover for personal items such as jewellery up to $10,000 any one item, camera, sporting equipment and other contents while away from home. Most policies limit coverage to the residence for these items unless additional cover is requested
  • Replacement cost as new coverage – even though your property or contents may be many years old.
  • Unspecified jewellery cover at home up to $10,000 per item – usual limit is $1,000
  • Legal liability for bodily injury or property damage anywhere in the world up to $20M – often limited to Australia and NZ and $10M coverage
  • Credit card fraud coverage if it is lost or stolen up to $5,000 – usual limit is $1,000
  • Accidental loss or theft of money up to $2,000 at and away from home – usual limit is $500
  • Landscaping damage up to $5,000 any one event – usually limited to $1,000
  • Storm damage to walls, gates and fences included … not usually covered
  • Veterinary expenses for pet injured in a road accident up to $1,000 – often not covered
  • ATO Tax audit  of your financial affairs up to $5,000 expenses – not usually covered
  • Legal defence costs incurred by or against you up to $5,000 – not usually covered
  • Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown of Home Appliances … usually Fusion cover only

We can also offer you the IBNA Silver Star policy which is still excellent value but does not cover the same extensive range of events as the Gold Star policy and so the premium cost is lower.

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