• Prestige Cars need Prestige Insurance

    Posted on 20 June, 2016

    In an age of online insurance buying, there remain many areas of risk that only a traditional insurance brokerage can adequately service. Prominent among these is the insurance of prestige cars. The idiosyncratic nature of the prestige car market makes it impossible for the online giants to offer the sort of service that owners of high-end vehicles need. Donnellys has created a specialist prestige car insurance package.

    This article looks at two features of our package which deserve some explanation:

    Agreed Value

    Typical comprehensive car insurance provides for reimbursement of the “book” value of the car at the time of loss. Many prestige cars will depreciate significantly in the course of a year’s insurance. The trade value can therefore be far less than the cost of replacing the car. It is sometimes possible, for an additional premium, to cover the car for an agreed value, but the major online insurers are not well placed to provide tailored solutions. Our package includes an agreed value for the car, which remains fixed for the duration of the policy.

    Automatic Replacement

    This enhanced cover gives prestige car owners peace of mind. It provides for vehicles written off under four years old to be replaced with the current model of the same vehicle, including accessories and on-road costs. The difference between this and the payout from conventional insurance cover can be very significant.

    Other Benefits

    Elephant SUV

    Where a car is repairable, our package allows insurers to choose their own repairer – an important benefit for prestige car owners. And the Donnellys package covers owners whose cars are being repaired for up to $100 per day in hire car costs, up to a maximum of $1500.

    If you think your prestige car is under-covered, give us a call today, and talk to a Donnellys prestige car insurance expert.

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