Financial Protection Insurance

Question: Why should I have Life Insurance cover?


If you are the family main income earner, Life Insurance upon your death can provide a lump sum to invest to replace your family’s reliance on your income generation. Life Insurance can also cover funeral costs, repay debts and mortgage, and fund longer term needs such as children’s education or spouse retirement.

If you are a business owner, a properly structured Life Insurance program can safeguard the finances of the business to ensure its continuity upon your death or serious disablement.

Question: What are the advantages of arranging my policies through a Life Broker?


A Life Broker has access to a multitude of Life Insurance companies and has a thorough knowledge of which companies to specialise in different types of policies and which clients are likely to best fit with an insurer’s preferred risk profile to keep the premium cost lower.

A Life Broker will also conduct a thorough review of your personal financial circumstances to ensure that a recommended policy matches your financial risk exposures and is the best value protection.