• Why every business enterprise needs an Insurance Broker … to protect their assets and liabilities!

    Posted on 08 October, 2013


    Insurance needs are diverse as businesses themselves …

    Just like legal contracts generally, an insurance policy should be tailor made for your particular needs otherwise you could be left unprotected. Insurance companies develop policies to suit the majority of business situations but these policies need to be made to custom fit your business.

    The Insurance Brokers Role

    Given the continually changing nature of insurance, with its technical and legal ramifications, it is impossible to make the right choice of policy without expert independent advice. Just as businesses would seek expert legal, accounting or tax advice from an appropriately qualified professional adviser, a Qualified Practising Insurance Broker (QPIB ) can provide you with expert insurance advice you need.

    QPI Bs are uniquely qualified – by examination, experience and on-going training – to provide independent advice on all insurance matters. The role of a QPIB is not selling insurance but rather to provide unbiased professional advice and to arrange the right cover for you at a competitive price … a QPIB represents you not an insurance company.

    What you can expect from your Insurance Broker

    • Claims Advice and Assistance

    When you place your insurance business in our hands you can be sure we will be personally involved with all aspects of your claims:

    –  from your initial report of the incident,

    –   advice on how best to proceed (what to do and what not to do),

    –   consultation and negotiation with appointed claims assessors,

    –   fast tracking of paperwork and assessment,

    –   monitoring to eliminate delays,

    –   ensuring a prompt and fair settlement.

    Remember, as your independent insurance broker it’s our role to represent you – not the insurance company, with unbiased professional advice so that you get back to business as promptly as possible with your correct payment.

    • Risk Exposure Analysis

    We take the trouble to find out about your business and it’s activities so that we can best advise you on how to minimise interruptions to your operations. Your company’s insurance cover is an integral part of its financial well being.

    Your business is unique so “off the shelf” policies may well fall short of your cover needs … our policies are tailor made just for you.

    Our analysis of your business will highlight the following:

    –   are there any major uninsured risk exposures you don’t know about?

    –   are your policies up to date with market developments in coverage?

    –   are you getting the best value for money for your premiums?

    –   do you have too little or even too much cover?

    –   can your premium payment be better spent on major risk exposures rather than minor ones?

    • Market Review

    The saying: “you only get what you pay for” usually applies to insurance as well as most business transactions. But, intimate knowledge of the complex insurance market and using buying power leverage certainly can assist in achieving premium savings … without compromising the quality of coverage.

    Donnellys undertake to provide you with the best value insurance cover available with reputable insurance companies that satisfy our financial and service quality standards on your behalf, on an on-going basis.

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