• How Can an Insurance Broker Improve the Claim Process?

    Posted on 18 May, 2017

    Have you ever had to make an insurance claim before? If you have, you probably know that it’s a daunting process, which is often approached with trepidation by the majority of policy holders.

    An insurance claim is often made in a moment of stress (you might have just crashed your car, or you might have been robbed or had hailstones damage your home), and if you don’t know your rights, and the ins and outs of your insurance policy, how do you know the insurance company is looking out for your best interests?

    Sadly, you don’t.

    A lot of insurance policies have shades of grey and can be interpreted in more than one way, which is why having a qualified middle man involved in the claim process is a smart move.

    What are the Benefits of Having an Insurance broker Lodge Your Claim?

    Working with an experienced insurance broker comes with a number of benefits, especially when it comes to getting the best possible results from your insurance claim.

    • Your broker has priority access and can lodge the claim on your behalf.
    • Your broker knows the policy and the benefits and will ensure that you are getting the maximum from your policy.
    • Your broker deals with claims every day. They understand policy wording and that there are many shades of grey. Claims officers interpret the wording to make their claims decisions. A broker is often able to offer another interpretation of the policy wording resulting in a completely different outcome.
    • Your broker has access to a vast network of people within a number of insurance companies, so we have the contacts required to have decisions reviewed if required.
    • Your broker is available to meet with you face to face to lodge or discuss a claim.
    • In the event of a claim not being accepted, your broker can take the time to explain and help you understand why a policy will not respond in certain circumstances.
    • Unlike Insurers, your broker does not have Average Handling Times for each of their phone calls. They have all of the time that you need to guide you through the claims process.

    Case Studies Where Donnelly Insurance Brokers Improved the Claim Process/Outcome

    When a professional insurance broker handles your insurance claim, they’ll be better equipped to achieve the desired results, which is illustrated below.

    Scenario One

    A Donnelly’s client was involved in a motor vehicle accident where the insurer deemed them at fault for third party damages. Once advised of this outcome, a member of our team contacted the claims department to discuss why their liability determination was incorrect.

    We supported our argument by referring to the relevant sections of the Australian Road Rules and were able to get the insurance company’s original decision overturned. The claim was re-recorded as a Not at Fault Claim with no impact on our client’s No Claim Bonus, plus the excess that our client had already paid was refunded.

    Scenario Two

    A client who had been told by their insurance company they would need to contribute to the cost of repairs after their roof was damaged by hail in a storm approached us to assist with their claim. The insurer claimed that that the roof in question was more than 50 years old and had suffered wear and tear. However, upon review of the builder’s report, we argued that while the roof had been subject to normal wear and tear, it was perfectly sound prior to the storm.

    The insurer then overturned their decision and covered the full costs of the roof repair.

    Scenario Three

    A Car that was less than three years old was written off in an accident. Under their insurance policy, our client should have been entitled to a new replacement vehicle. However, since the vehicle model had been discontinued, the insurer advised that the settlement would be based on a Market Value Settlement.

    Our client was understandably upset with this decision, as it would have seen them suffering a sizeable loss. We negotiated on our client’s behalf and were, fortunately, able to get the decision reviewed. Our client ended up with a new replacement vehicle of the same make and a comparable model.

    Scenario Four

    An insurer denied a claim for a damaged laptop under a home insurance policy that covers contents worldwide because the total length of our client’s journey exceeded the 180 days’ time limit under their policy. However, we sought a review of this because the damage occurred within the 180-days period.

    The claim denial was overturned and the client received a new laptop.

    If you want to make sure your insurance claim process is as smooth as possible, talk to Donnelly Insurance Brokers today!

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