• Aussie Mum’s Tragedy Serves as Insurance Reminder

    Posted on 01 February, 2017

    53-year-old Nurse from NSW, Dawn Weldon-Schupp, has tragically learned the hard way the importance of having a complete and thorough understanding of your insurance policy.

    Travel Insurance Disaster

    For those unfamiliar with Ms Weldon-Schupp’s heart-breaking situation:

    Ms Weldon-Schupp and her 14-year-old son were involved in a tragic moped accident on January 25th, colliding head-on with a truck whilst holidaying in the Thailand.

    While Ms Weldon-Schupp’s son thankfully walked away with no major injuries, Dawn has tragically suffered a fractured skull, punctured lung and numerous broken bones.

    Ms Weldon-Schupp currently resides in Bangkok Hospital in Phuket in a critical condition.

    Having comprehensive travel insurance, Ms Weldon-Schupp and her family were shocked to discover that her terrible accident was not covered by insurance, with News.com.au published these clarifying quotes from the insurance company:

    “The engine size of the bike you rented was 110cc and is therefore considered a motorbike as per policy wording.”

     “Motorcycle under the policy means any two-wheeled or three-wheeled motor vehicle with an engine displacement greater than 50cc.”

     “We have confirmed you do not hold a current motorbike license.”

    Tragically, Ms Weldon-Schupp’s hospital bills have already exceeded $56,000 … and are increasing by about $2,500 per day… imposing obvious financial catastrophe on her already distressed family and friends.

    travel insurance tragedy

    Furthermore, repatriation costs to fly back to Australia are probably going to be around $30,000, as she will need to fly business class (for medical reasons) and requires a medical escort.

    Ms Weldon-Schupp’s best friend Donna Saafeld explained the situation in an emotional social media post… and in a sort-of silver lining to the tragic story, has managed to raise over $84,000 to help cover medical expenses via a Go Fund Me page.

    At Donnellys Insurance, we wish Mrs. Weldon-Schupp a speedy and successful recovery from her unfortunate accident. Many people choose to buy their insurance direct from an insurance company because of advertised premium cost savings but they are not aware of “fine print” policy exclusions – like Mrs. Weldon-Schupp. While it is up to policyholders to read their policy document thoroughly to understand what they are buying, an insurance broker can assist insurance buyers by providing policy coverage and premium cost comparisons so buyers can make an informed decision about which policy suits them best.  

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