What our service means to you!

Professional Advice

Donnelly Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd (Donnellys) was first established in 1976 with a vision to provide professional but friendly general advice for individuals and small business enterprises seeking to purchase general insurance. Our aim is to provide the “best value-for money” insurance solution for our clients assessed from our market research which means high quality coverage, competitive premium cost, financially sound insurer with good claims service reputation.

We save our clients time, money and effort by researching the best value-for-money covers available from reputable insurance companies and make recommendations so that you can make an informed buying decision about which coverage suits you best.

We represent our clients’ interests first and foremost to ensure your assets and liabilities are properly protected through our professional advice. Insurance brokers are the only insurance entities that can legally provide insurance product comparisons to clients under the Financial Services Reform Act. Others can only provide only factual information about their product.

Save Money

Every insurance policy premium contains an administration cost element which is either expended on an insurer’s advertising & marketing, sales staff, policy administration and claims, or payment of commission to insurance brokers for reimbursement of their range of services often performed electronically to minimise an insurer’s range of expenses.

Therefore the perception by some people that an insurance intermediary automatically adds to the cost of an insurance premium is not correct. In fact, in most cases an insurance broker can negotiate a lower cost premium through its knowledge and experience which insurance companies are likely to offer the best value quotation for particular client risk profiles.

Some insurers like high value or complex insurance policies and price them accordingly while others prefer lower risk and values and therefore price their premiums lower to attract this type of business. Insurers are now tending to price risks according to their individual profile by street address instead of post code which means premium costs can vary markedly depending upon their technical ability to rate risks on a variety of factors. Former level community insurance premium rating methodology is now diminishing towards paying for individual risk exposure.

Insurance brokers do however sometimes have trouble matching the premium cost offered by some high profile direct sellers of insurance over the internet or through TV advertisements because these policies have been constructed with less coverage features to attract unsuspecting buyers without any knowledge of insurance contracts and who presume all policies are the same, which could not be further from reality.

So it makes sense to let us do the insurance shopping for you. Even if you could shop yourself and obtain a competitive premium quotation how would you know whether the policy cover will protect you when you need it most as no two polices provide the same coverage … it’s like comparing an apple with an orange!

AIMS Buying Power

The AIMS Insurance Broking Network representing around 120 individual companies nationally has developed a range of business and personal policies under its own brand which provide superior and exclusive coverage for the clients of its participating insurance brokers.

The AIMS branded policies combine the best features of other policies in the insurance market with many special added cover enhancements not otherwise available direct from insurance companies. The AIMS policies are considered by the insurance industry to be the broadest coverage available (best of breed) and are underwritten exclusively by the top 5 insurance companies in Australia, namely:

Allianz, CGU, QBE, Vero, Zurich

As we are an AIMS insurance broker, we are able to provide our clients with very best value policies  through the buying power that come with the AIMS group’s $2.5 Billion plus premium dollars placed with Australian insurance companies.

Also, we can provide you with the dual advantages of a national buying group power and also the comfort that comes with dealing with an individual broking business for professional and friendly service.

Professional Association

Donnellys has been a member of the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) since its formation in 1982. NIBA is the national trade association for licensed life and general insurance brokers in Australia. NIBA is the national voice of insurance brokers and an advocate for insurance consumers.

We adopt the Insurance Brokers Code of Practice which is monitored by FOS. This Code intends to promote good business relations between insurance brokers and their clients and other parties involved in an insurance contract. It also establishes standards of good business practice and service levels for Code subscribers.  As required by the Code we have an Internal Dispute Resolution process which clients can access for any complaint.

Donnellys’ principal, Mike Donnelly, was a national board director of NIBA for 15 years and on completion of his final term in 2008 he was recognised by NIBA with a Certificate of Commendation acknowledging his valued contribution and commitment to the betterment of the insurance broking profession.

Mike was also recognised by NIBA in 1994 as SA Qualified Practising Insurance Broker of the year and more recently in 2005 with the prestigious Lex McKeown trophy awarded to him for his professionalism and service to the broking profession.

Prior to his national board appointment, Mike was a SA NIBA committee member for 8 years including 3 years as chair of that committee. Read more in a NIBA Insurance & Risk Professional publication story about Mike Donnelly.

Chris Donnelly, Mike’s son and Donnellys Operations Manager was a national finalist in the NIBA Warren Tickle Award in 2012 for young professional insurance brokers. Chris in 2013 is SA chair of the NIBA Young Professionals Committee. Meet Chris in a recent article published in Young Professional.

Comprehensive List of Services

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