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    The AIMS branded policies combine the best features of other policies in the insurance market with many special added cover enhancements not otherwise available direct from insurance companies.

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    I would just like to thank you for the fantastic service I ALWAYS receive - for the cheerful, professional service, patience, and the fact that EVERYTIME I have any dealings with Donnellys it is always cheerful, professional service from every single person.



FREE Professional Advice

An insurance company direct or their agent cannot legally provide advice to customers – they can only provide factual information about their products and cannot compare others. Often, they cannot provide the full range of policies required for complete protection.

Only registered insurance brokers can perform this role … so Donnellys can provide you with a range of insurance policies so you can make an informed choice about the right coverage you need – free of charge!

FREE Claims Assistance

Our team at Donnelly Insurance Brokers are here to advise you the best way to proceed with your claim in order to achieve a prompt and fair settlement. You may need advice about some technical cover aspects of your claim which we are happy to provide to assist you – free of charge!

While we only arrange clients’ insurance coverage with reputable insurance companies which have demonstrated a high level of claims service, there may be times when a claim (or part of a claim) may be rejected by an insurer for various reasons. That’s when it is important to have Donnellys ‘batting for you’ to represent your interests in negotiating the best outcome possible for your claim using our expert technical knowledge of policy contracts and negotiation skills with the insurer’s claim management.

Typically, we are able to achieve a 15-20% greater payout from insurers on average because of the superior coverage we can arrange for you compared with direct insurers’ standard policies.

Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) published statistics show that 97% of complaints received relate to direct Insurers.

FREE Insurance Shopping Service

We can save you Time, Money and Effort by doing your insurance shopping for you. Through our experience gained over 35+ years we know the insurance market and which insurers are likely to be the most competitive for your insurance profile. Our aim is to recommend the Best Value policy considering an insurer’s security, its quality coverage, claims service reputation and premium competitiveness. Our service is free of charge for Internet sourced clients.


If you would like to know more about our full range of services that we provide clients automatically, please download our Client Services Summary document as follows:

Call Donnellys today on (08) 8236 7789 or Email your Enquiry about your insurance protection … remember acting as your own Insurance Broker is like being your own Lawyer without training and experience!